After coming here for a day hike with my friend towards the tail end of fall, I decided it was too f**ng beautiful to ignore until next season for an over-nighter.  2 weeks later, I came back with my older brother to trek and spend the night up here.  I also figured it would be a good training opportunity for me to test out bad weather hiking - I've never really done backcountry in the rain, cold, snow/or a combo of those three.  This was definitely a cold and wet venture, but fully worth the trouble.  I tested out my Zpacks Arc Haul Dyneema and my duplex shelter - both amazing in bad weather.  "One step closer to the PCT", I keep telling myself.  But I still don't have a sound strategy for dealing with the isolation...what do I do when I don't have my big bro around to keep me company?  I suppose I'll have to befriend the bears and what ever else comes my way.