6 days until I get on trail.  This past weekend was my last in Los Angeles.  My friends, colleagues, and family got together for the inaugural “Crunkfest” except this occasion was to celebrate my decision to do this hike. It’s always a tricky thing pulling together people that I am connected to from across LA, who often have differing cultural norms and political identities.  But it nonetheless was a huge success, and it reinforced the idea for me that everyone around me wants to do this hike too, but can’t, so they are going to support me getting to Canada. House parties are simply the most effective way to coalesce alcoholics with vastly different lifestyles. This was one for the books. 

Photos by @rudyespi (instagram)

Many folks have also been asking how they can find me on trail - or meet up with me at a resupply town. I figured a blog post explaining where to find me and how you can send me things was appropriate. 


  1. Locate my precise coordinates via SPOT hereSimply check this link from time to time, and it will show where I’m lurkin’. I’ll be carrying a SPOT device which will allow me to send a GPS ping every day, so you can watch me crawl.  It also allows me to call a helicopter if I royally fuck things up.  
  2. Email or text me.  Believe it or not, I won’t be disappearing into the ranges of the Himalayas. I’ll actually have cell service for large sections of the trail.  Not always reliable or strong enough to send data, but if you text me I’ll answer when I can and we can coordinate evil plots to take over the world. If you know me, you likely have my cell and personal email.  If you don’t, but want to contact me, email me at
  3. Social Media.  I have a problem.  I’m on it too much, and I don’t plan to continue at my current levels of addiction - but I will check Instagram, Twitterand Facebook from time to time.



I spend a good amount of time in my last post breaking down my resupply strategy.  The end product was 15 boxes of junk food and a magnificent spreadsheet. Each line is a section of my hike.  It shows the starting and end point, and where I’ll be picking up my food boxes, or buying in town. It also shows my ETA (which is going to be fluid), and how many days I’ll be hiking each section.  If you want to get something to me or you want to meet me up to hang out/camp/party - this is how you’ll be able to plan it. But of course, this all can change and its important to contact me to make sure that my itinerary is on track.