Day 98: 1108-1124

We woke up super early this morning, and it was probably the second coldest night on the trail.  Everything was frozen, and the ground was permafrost. I also never ate dinner last night because I got in to camp so late, so I was extra cold. 


We headed out and just a few miles up the trail I reunited with Spacejam, Speck, and Ten Gallon.  It’s been more than 2 weeks since I saw the two S’s, and about a week since I saw Ten Gallon.  It’s like our whole crew is sort of gravitating back together for the next phase of the hike. 


The hiking today was so much easier than what I’ve been doing.  Mosquitos were a bit nasty in the earlier part of the day. Doing this kind of hiking has meant that the days less adventurous and more focused on just getting miles done.  Everyone is talking about how they are going to get to Canada before time runs out.  So I think the tone now is - miles, not smiles. We’ll see how it turns out and where folks end up. 

I also didn’t even think to pull out my camera once today. The focus now is getting my body acclimated to doing 30 miles a day…hopefully.