LA to Sacramento pitstop to Norcal


Day 0 - Drove from LA to Pablo’s crib, Sacramento.  Got here at 8pm.  Crashed with Pablo and Jacqueline - it was so dope to catch up with these two amazing humans. Hundreds of days can pass and when we reconnect, time is irrelevant. 

Luna resting possessively on Pablo's robust crotch.



Day 1 - Left Sacramento at 12:40pm, mile 448.

Rerouting ID map to avoid the Pioneer fire.

Mile 489.  $27


7:55 pm - Arrived at Oak Bottom camp. Along the Salmon River. What a beautiful drive!  

Mile 750

Location: Six Rivers National Forest

Chilling here at Oak Bottom. Go the whole camp set up.  Ready to cook a steak. Playing “chicken train” for my dad.  I’m going to get up early tomorrow and swim. I miss Jessica.  It’s a good feeling knowing she has my back.  Im sitting here and I’m asking myself “why am i here?” Why or how did i end up in the most awesomely remote deep forest location in CA?  It’s strange being on my own on the road.  Makes me love myself more.  Time to eat!  P.s. This goat cheese is on point!


“You live til’ you die.”