A night in Idaho


9:09am - Leaving Silver Creek, and my new friends Gary and Lorraine behind. Ended up getting drunk and high all night with Lorraine.  We took a lot of photos and shared long exposure strategies.  Fun times!  Great people!  They also shared their asparagus with me.

Mile 2,033

Lorraine and Greg.  Their both Angelenos now retired in Salt Lake.  Greg was a rocket scientist.


Fueled up at Teton Village. Fuck, these mountains are massive. Now I know what my parents kept talking about.  


Lorraine and I drank and tinkered with our DSLR's..not great shots but it was a dope mutual learning experience.  I showed her a few tricks about light and exposure management, and she taught me how to smoke a proper joint.


Drove around for a few hours and peeped Jackson and some of the Teton Valley.  Can’t wait to go back there tomorrow to explore the park a bit more.