NorCal to Oregon Coast


Day 2 - woke up at 5:55am.  Made coffee, cooked leftover steak with hashbrowns, eggs, kale, tomatoes, and goat cheese! Mmmm. Big animals near my tent last night.  There’s no cell service and I’m not sure how to get to OR from here :)

Megameals are important when camping..even if I cant eat it all.  Here we have hash browns, eggs whites with goat cheese + kale + cherry tomatoes, and left over ribeye steak from the night before.  Coffee and milk to compliment the buds.  #MikeDsKitchen


8:30am - Left Oak Bottom Camp.


Fuel stop at Cave Junction, OR.

Mile 827. $30


4:40pm - Got to Rock Creek on the OR coast!  

Mile 1,026.

Location: Suislaw National Forest

The campsite is like the fucking’s right on the ocean/rainforest divide.   Best campsite - hands down. It is absolutely amazing.  I cherish this place.  I have an uncertain agenda the next 4 days.  I figured I better suck it all in while I’m on the PNW. Over and Out.

Rock Creek Camp, Suislaw Forest.  OR (AKA the fucking Shire)


P.s. I took my very first space shot on time lapse.  It took me about 30 tries to get it right!


This was actually my "first" semi successful long exposure of the milky way...I was extremely intoxicated too.  Can't remember my camera's settings lol. 

The winding roads of the Six Rivers National Forest