Oregon Coast


Today is Dad’s birthday. He is 68. I need to call him when I get on the road. I’m headed east!  Not sure where I will stay tonight.

11:41 am - leaving Rock Creek.

Mile 1,027

Fueled up at Mile 1,040 -  $25


I decided during the drive that it was too beautiful in the Oregon woods to leave just yet. Plus I partied too hard last night. Tonight I’m staying at Paradise Camp near Blue Pool.  I got here around 4pm. I walked down to the river to shoot some photos and explore a bit. This place is equally amazing to Rock Creek with a different vibe. Time to make dinner and a fire.

Location: Willamete NF Forest (McKenzie River)

Mile 1158

Paradise camp is literally that - paradise.  No bugs, mild weather, no direct sunlight (my favorite), and green foliage exploding out of every crevice. 

Paradise camp after dinner